About DressComfy

DressComfy originated in El Paso, Texas.  Born and raised we are proud to create designs that resemble our city.  All images are originally done by me Val Diaz.  I am a civil engineer by day and DressComfy designer creator by night.  I have been in the t-shirt business for 7 years now.  I started when I lost my job and needed to make ends meet.  I thought to myself what is the best way to get my artwork to the people.  It clicked and I went on to learn how to make a t-shirt.  The rest is history.  With the love and support of my fellow El Pasoans my brand has become recognized by several and I am truly honored.  I truly do all aspects of my brand from the artwork to the choice of shirt I use to pressing and printing the shirt itself and then packaging and shipping or delivering your order.  If you don't say its comfy then I didn't do my job.  Follow our social media pages to stay up to date on all DressComfy is up to! Any questions email me at dresscomfy@gmail.com