Why so much for a t-shirt?

Why so much for a t-shirt?

Everyone has gone to Walmart or Target shoot even Family Dollar and seen a t-shirt for $5 with an awesome graphic on it. Shoot even I still look at them and say damn I like that shirt.  Then we go to our phones and wonder why a t-shirt costs 27.99 on Instagram or Pinterest or that damn shirt that keeps popping up on my FB feed that I can't help but want.  

Well to be honest you gotta do a little bit of research in order to justify the price you are paging.  As DrwssComfy I can say that I don't like the stiff cotton $5 bargain t-shirts. I like a shirt that has a softness like the college shirt you have in your drawer that is too old to wear.  A shirt that is built to move with you and at the same time survive wash after wash.  I use ring spun cotton dual blend and tri blend t-shirts. They are definitely pricier but they are worth it. Next thing is finding the right paint or vinyl or dtg machine. See if you get bargain t-shirts you can make bargain t-shirts and can ultimately start with minimal cost.  BUT, once you are established you should upgrade your product and give your clients a better shirt after all you love making t-shirts so why not give and make better merch.  Now that we have established a better tshirt why so much for a simple shirt. I asked the same damn question but realized quickly making a shirt for the mass public requires more than just a drawing and materials. It requires countless hours of design with plenty of discussions and opinions. Once that's established we go to making the shirt which requires some expensive machinery and plenty of time. If you don't pay yourself for your time you will never be able to survive. So shoppers if you want a limited edition (because we are definitely not a big chain store) t-shirt that was made by two hands and hard working creative people then trust me when I say $25 bucks for a shirt is pretty damn good!

On a last note DressComfy just wants you all to literally be comfy in our apparel we will always search far and wide for the right fit and the right tshirt to keep our quality high but our prices reasonable. 

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