Why I Started DressComfy

Hey guys, so this is my first ever blog post.  To basically answer the question.  I started DressComfy as a way to get my art on something other than a wall.  See, most of my friends and family were moving buying homes and growing up and I noticed one thing they weren't buying, art for their walls.  I was like damn so what can I do to make this work.  I am much better on a digital canvas than an actual canvas so I said hmm how do you put a design on a shirt?  Bam looked at youtube found a video and there I went to accomplish this.  I got the materials the paint the shirts and went at it.  I drew a sugar skull one of my most favorite things to draw put all the elements of El Paso my home town that I could think off.  And finally I bought the shirt to life.  I sold it at the Downtown Street Festival and sold out!  I was hooked!  Today I still love it as much as day one, its my passion and my happiness.  I may be an engineer by day but I am DressComfy every minute outside of work.  Much love and thanks for the support.
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Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?


Hello, we purchased two t-shirts from you at beer festival a while back but you were out of one of them. We paid for the two shirts and we left you our contact information so you could let us know when we could pick up the shirt but you never contacted us. Can you please let us know if we can either get the shirt or get a refund?
Thank you

Ruben Valenzuela

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