Head in the clouds.

Posted by Valerie Diaz on

I've got my head in the clouds because I'm reaching up for the stars.  I research as much as possible I continue to learn and to grow and I will succeed at what I am passionate about designing t-shirts that make people happy or help them make a statement or just express themselves.  It's so tempting to go with the flow of others and go with the flow of social media but I feel my people here in El Paso are different. We have our own tastes our diverse cultures and allot more so if I stick to that and stick to my people I know I can successfully make you all proud.  If you have a passion a dream a goal, as my dad always tells me WRITE IT DOWN.  Plan it out figure out where to begin and don't dive in without first accepting the fact that you have to learn. You may be a great cook in your kitchen but to be a chef you must learn how to serve for others not just the familia. If you are an artist how can you make art that everyone can see?  And if youre a musician make the music you love and share it with the world.  Shoot share it with me I gotta start making videos that need cool music. So put your head in the clouds and reach for those stars, just like me.  Thanks for reading.


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